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Hello, I'm Kiran. 

A children's book author, language tutor and multilingual voice-over artist. 

Having worked in the publishing industry for over 22 years, I do count my lucky stars to have had such a varied and exciting career.

My current focus is writing educational and story books for children, and bringing them alive through my teaching and drama. I am often found delivering workshops in schools. My ninth book is due out soon!

I am also a trained voice-over artist in two languages, English and Panjabi. So if you are an organisation or individual looking for a voice-over artist then click here to listen to my show reels.

Happy browsing. 

PS, I wrote and released a children's song in 2019. It's called The Rung Song. Have a listen, it is rather catchy! Singing makes me happy and they say do what makes you happy. 


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Surinder S Manak, Manak Solicitors

(sponsor of My First Panjabi Alphabet and The Pullpots).

I strongly believe that in order for the next generation to stay connected to their Panjabi culture and language, modern resources are needed. Hence, Manak Solicitors fully support Kiran's work.

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Jagjit Dhillon, Dhillons Building Services 

(sponsors of The Pullpots).

Panjabi is not just a language but also a culture. Speaking, writing, understanding and being able to communicate in Panjabi will ensure our heritage is never forgotten.

Dr Rishi Handa, Language Consultant, Teacher of Sanskrit, Panjabi and Hindi

Learning a script at a young age offers children a potential future of increased cultural awareness as they gain literary access to a culture's heritage.