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The Kiran Lyall book range is available to purchase via mainstream bookstores including, and Order direct from using the links below. 

Have Fun With Panjabi Book 1 and Book 2

£6.99 each

The Have Fun With Panjabi range teaches children and beginners to speak Panjabi through phonetic learning. To help with pronunciation the Panjabi translation is broken up by English syllables using a dot. There is no Gurmukhi script shown in this range. Perfect for the classroom and home learning. 

My First Panjabi Alphabet (workbook)


My First Panjabi Alphabet is an 80 page workbook which teaches children and beginners the Gurmukhi alphabet through practice and puzzles. A very popular workbook amongst parents who wish to teach their children at home. All 35 letters (akkhar), have an alphabet tracing formation guide on how to create the letter, example sounds/translations and challenging puzzles. Bonus chapters include loan letters and numbers 1 to 10. 

The Pullpots: Rasoi and The Pullpots: Road Trip

£3.99 each

It’s dinnertime at The Pullpots! Can you smell the delicious dhal? Hear the sizzling of the onions? Step inside and let’s explore the Panjabi kitchen. 

Road trips are always fun, especially when Baba Jee is driving. Jump on board and join The Pullpots along Baba Jee’s favourite scenic route, the M6. 

The Vidya Reading Scheme is a children’s levelled book series for Panjabi readers. Written in Gurmukhi, The Pullpots: Rasoi and The Pullpots: Road Trip are the first in the series, introducing children to a range of everyday words and sentences. The English transliteration at the back of the book allows non-panjabi readers to join in. These books are perfect for the classroom and at home. Knowledge of the Panjabi alphabet including vowels is essential.


My Panjabi Dot-To-Dot and My Panjabi Puzzles

£4.99 each

Ik (one), dho (two), tinn (three), which number comes next? My Panjabi Dot-To-Dot is full of entertaining and educational dot-to-dot puzzles for children. Each page has a bilingual number guide to ensure that the dots are joined in the correct order, as well as encouraging children to develop their Panjabi number skills. 

Kabaddi is a type of? Lohri marks the end of which season? My Panjabi Puzzles is full of entertaining and educational puzzles for children, ranging from brainteasers and wordsearches to mind boggling Sudoku puzzles. The book contains both English and Panjabi (Gurmukhi), along with number guides, ensuring that each puzzle is suitable for all. 

Ria & Raj and the Gigantic Diwali Surprise


Meet Ria and Raj – twin brother and sister, who are often inseparable and always adventurous. Diwali is here and Ria and Raj are cooking up some mischief in the kitchen! They are helping mummy make scrumptious Indian sweets for their family and friends, but making 200 of them is not easy! That is until Raj has a great idea, and with Ria’s help they prepare a gigantic surprise for their family.  A 36-page illustrated picture storybook aimed at 3-6 year olds and the first in a new series about these two delightful Indian characters have been brought to life to share their adventures. They illustrate the life of a modern Indian family living in Britain. Ria & Raj and the Gigantic Diwali Surprise sets the scene of family life during a very auspicious occasion. 

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