Funjabi Tuition

Is your child a Panjabi Star in the making? Do they want to learn to read, write and speak Panjabi in a fun but structured environment? If so, Funjabi Tuition is the place for them to be. Created and taught by Kiran, Funjabi Tuition teaches children Panjabi/Gurmukhi through books, music, games and even a bit of acting! Individual and small group tuition is currently available.

Individual and small group lessons

Funjabi Tuition offers private and small group Panjabi (Punjabi) lessons for children. Learning is through books, puzzles, games, music and even a little bit of acting! Group lessons require a minimum of 6 students per sitting and are grouped by age. For further information please use the Contact Form.

Reading, writing and speaking

Lessons are structured to include three areas of learning: reading, writing and speaking Panjabi. Funjabi Tuition aim for each student to achieve a basic level in all three areas. Badges are awarded for achievement and attainment. 


Note: Funjabi is a play on words 'Fun' and 'Panjabi'. It is not a separate language. The reading and writing taught is Gurmukhi Panjabi.

Tuition Tools

Reminder to all students, remember to bring the following to each lesson:

- My First Panjabi Alphabet Workbook

- Writing book

- Folder with punched pockets

- Pen/pencil

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