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Last night (Sat 26th May), I attended Diljit Dosanjh's Tour at Wembley Arena, London. It was amazing to see the diverse crowd of young and seniors all bopping and singing along to Diljit’s songs. Thousands of Panjabis all under one roof roared with excitement as Diljit mysteriously appeared on stage for his opening number Kee Banu Duniya Da.

Throughout the night we were entertained with his classic numbers including: Panj Taara, Raat Di Gedi and Do You Know. My personal delight was El Sueno, as the sound of the live band echoed around the arena.

This year fans were given the option of standing and sitting tickets at Wembley, and I was extremely lucky to experience both. The atmosphere in the standing area was truly electric, making me agree with the compere that “history was being made”.

Attending the concert made me reflect back to my Funjabi Tuition lessons, in particular when I asked my student Rohan B (age 8) "Why do you want to learn Panjabi?". His reply “Because I want to know what Diljit Dosanjh is saying". Diljit has managed to excite and engage children with Panjabi culture and language, which in this modern age is a rare achievement. I commend you Diljit and so do my students.

Big congrats to Arji Singh, Kaka Mohanwalia, Bill Mato and Tony Kale for organising this spectacular event.


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